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Private Aviation & Transport
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Property Management & Household Recruitment
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Concierge & Lifestyle Management

Jenna Mac – London

Welcome to JM Concierge and Lifestyle Management.

Imagine having someone on hand to take care of organising your life; offering a personal service, when you need it but without committing you to keeping anyone on the payroll or to those well known, expensive subscriptions.

JM Concierge & Lifestyle Management is just that. A reliable, knowledgeable company that you can depend upon to outsource any requests to, whether personal or business.


We offer a service that is not just professional, elite and bespoke but crucially will save you time whilst delivering exactly what you need. Our expertise, dedication and wealth of contacts mean that we can offer a new kind of concierge experience. We are available on a pay-as-you go basis, charging you only for what you need, when you require it. And because we limit our clients to ensure the best possible service, you will know that your task is getting all our attention. No challenge is too big, no request too difficult, we have the ways and means to deliver on your vision.

Exclusive Services

Concierge & Lifestyle Management


Private Aviation
& Transport

Luxury holiday

Luxury Holiday


Property Management & Household Recruitment

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Bespoke Event Creation
& Management


Reservations & Social
Calendar Design


Wellness & Beauty


Fashion Concierge

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Virtual PA

Hi, I’m Jenna, I am here to help. Get in touch today!